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This marks Pakt’s 10th FAQ post. Ten is a nice round number, dont’cha think? Reassuring. Commanding. Perfect.

When it comes to penning Mediums, it also represents a boatload of writerly effort. As such, we’re going to take a breather after this grand finale of our first FAQs batch. Don’t you fret, this isn’t goodbye forever, but rather a “see you soon.”

If you’re reading this then this is how Pakt feels about you.

Before you know it, Pakt will be tantalizingly close to launch, which we can only presume will generate a barrage of fresh Qs for us to address. A deep thanks to our early-adopter community for their thought-provoking queries — we want nothing more than to make our OG supporters proud.

So one last time (for now), we’ll play out one long answer, one medium length, and a brief fortissimo crescendo to close out our symphonic suite.

Long Answer: What is Pakt’s roadmap?

h/t everybody (that we talk to. Not the whole world. Yet.)

When somebody presses Emin Gün Sirer to present a roadmap for Avalanche he replies with a legendary boilerplate answer. Rough paraphrase: “We don’t announce what we’re going to do. We do it and then announce.”

It’s a “builders first” philosophy, confidently asserting a staunch anti-hype posture. In crypto this practically amounts to a countercultural rebellion. Total gigachad move.

This is what peak futurist performance looks like.

However, we at Pakt must acknowledge that Gün is the Godfather and our plucky startup has yet to become a “made man.” The Professor’s two decades of academic, research, and development have built blockchain into the surging disruptive industry it is today. His word and code are as good as gold. One might even say el33t.

As for Pakt? We’re still earning our stripes, one dedicated push at a time. Which means if we responded to roadmap requests with: “We don’t announce what we’re going to do. We do it and then announce” it would tinnily strike the ear like “Just trust me bro.”

Instead, Pakt embraces our current state of play: we’re a young startup building atop world-altering esoteric tech that many consider fringe or outright fraud-enabling. Earning global trust will be loooong journey. And that expedition, especially in these early stages, requires a roadmap.

Lewis and Clark’s “roadmap.” Projecting exploratory paths towards unknown horizons can get complicated.

The following list charts the ideal course for what Pakt seeks to push in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Kindly understand that the dates and deliverables are written in pencil, not chiseled in stone. As the challenges and opportunities shift across blockchain’s technological, regulatory, and industry terrain, Pakt will adapt to best serve the mission…

But our gaze will never waver from staying fixed on the ultimate destination: to bring one billion users aboard Web3’s inclusive, honest, and global World Computer by building the OS for On-Chain Connection.


  • Revise Fair Open Access Market (FOAM) template to merge client and talent into new unified timeline view
  • Develop NTT profile management system (Pakt.World account serves as the home for user’s “parent” NTT that holds credentials [KYC, AML] that extend to each chainsite’s “children” NTT)
  • Design mobile UI for go-to-market FOAM template
  • Design UI for first stealth pilot partner program
  • Implement Shamir’s Secret Sharing for key management
  • Share Pakt Suite v1 SDK (Smart Contract Tool, Non-Custodial Escrow Wallet, Dynamic Profile, et al) with select builders for feedback
NGL, felt pretty dang good to get a shoutout from the reining heavyweight blockchain engineer champ


  • Launch Afro.Fund on C-Chain in closed beta
  • Email and notifications finalization
  • Test referral program functionality “in the wild” with real users
  • Partner with beta program builders to provide white-glove assistance as they launch their own bespoke FOAMs
  • Build mobile UI For FOAM template
  • Issue resolution testing
  • Mod and Template marketplace closed beta on testnet


  • Issue resolution soft rollout
  • Launch mobile UI template for FOAMs
  • Internal audit first third-party vendor Mods
  • Begin building no-code template customizer
  • Implement first round of mod and template integration on mainnet
  • Begin subnet testing
  • Celebrate Halloween
We’re tempted to go as a subnet for Halloween but this metalface beat us to peak nerdery


  • Test v1 of no-code template customizer
  • Launch second batch of closed beta program partnership builders
  • Run testnet subnet optimizations


  • Finalize and launch v1 of customizer
  • Finalize and launch mod marketplace on mainnet
  • Populate mods and template marketplace

January 2024

  • Launch subnet
  • Open Pakt.World to the world

Medium Answer: How will you be storing Chainsites, frontend UIs, NTT-ified identities, etc?

h/t to likeminded decentralization advocates

One of the oft overlooked challenges of blockchain is data storage. Unless we interlink every personal hard drive, mobile device, and smart device together via high-speed, low-cost, and reliably executed decentralized blockchains, users will still end up at least partially reliant on centralized data centers.

This frustration can send decentralization purists into a understandable frenzy. The common refrain: “What is the point of blockchain if the nodes, contracts, dApps, and IDs are all going to live on [insert cloud service]?”

This was written in 2017. Have we made progress? (h/t Brett Kotas @ Influencive)

It’s a valid concern, one Pakt shares as well. An equitable future, one determined by meritocratic market forces rather than market capture, demands equal, non-preferential access to data for all market participants. And since data has overtaken dollars as the planet’s core currency, anybody who touches the internet is a de facto “market participant.”

Pakt’s challenge is to build towards a better world starting from the world we live in. This means we must utilize the resources the blockchain community has at hand, not the blue sky resources we wish we had.

Hands-on realist engineering > Twitter finger theorizing

As blockchain’s builders collectively journey down the bumpy, winding, fog-obscured road to Web3 we might need to make a pit stop at Web 2.5.

Every MVP starts too big. The MVP of your MVP’s MVP is usually closer to the target. Web 2.5 is Web3’s MVP³

So then how do we uncompromisingly maintain the ethos of decentralization while building with tools crafted for the purposes of centralizing value? At Pakt, we focus on the telos of decentralization rather than the dogma.

In our estimation, the ultimate goal of decentralization is for individuals to own the data that drives their lives. Only when we are all stakeholders in the invisible connections that bind us will economies rebalance to serve people rather than the other way around.

The most achievable first step towards achieving this “stakeholder capitalism” with blockchain is fully revealing the flow of value. That’s why Pakt launched its journey to Web3 with transparent on-chain accounting secured by our Smart Contract Tool and Non-Custodial Escrow Wallet. Sunlight disinfects and Pakt’s verifiable immutable decentralized ledger will help sweep away the clouds.

Make on-chain value visible and watch the world change (Afro.Fund, Pakt’s pilot program)

Pakt is determined to put as much consensus-derived truth on chain as possible. We’re already laying the groundwork to migrate users’ NTT (“Soulbound”) IDs on-chain once we launch our subnet. We have begun discussions with data centers beyond the traditional cloud solutions. And ultimately, Pakt will never stop pushing to close the gap between user data and data storage until data’s intrinsic value lives with the user.

As Voltaire (and Obama) said, “Perfect is the enemy of good.” Utopia literally means “no place” in Greek. Blockchain builders must not self-defeat by insisting on absolutist ideal conditions to be met before we set off on our community’s collective hero’s journey.

Heroes don’t need a roadmap to utopia in order to go on their quest. They need for utopia not to exist. Which by definition it doesn’t. So congratulations. You have all the necessary conditions met to go be a hero.

So to wrap it up, we heed the words of a slightly less esoteric, far less grammatical, but no less true battle cry. A pre-game call to arms barked by hulking NFL linebackers to their teammates to stoke their competitive fury:

“We all we got. We all we need.”

Brief Answer: When is the public sale of the $PAKT token?

January of 2024.


It’s written in pencil.

See you soon,

The Pakt Crew




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